Starting with an idea by Hellen Bach, one of many that she has in the course of any given day, the
albums were produced with the proceeds from the sales of the CD benefiting the BBC Children in Need Appeal.

We were sitting listening to the songs of St Winifred’s School Choir, on an original vinyl record, with our children and grandchildren and everyone was singing along, or in the case of the youngest, Tobias, marching along in time to the music! Spurred on by the success of the Radio 2 40th Anniversary edition of “Junior Choice” with Ed Stewart, Hellen thought it would be a great idea to release an “album” of children’s songs from that “Golden Era”, sung by the Radio 2 Presenters and released in aid of the BBC Children in Need charity, a cause she tirelessly works at on a day to day basis! Hellen, her daughter Kelly and Kelly Sigh set about drawing up a list of songs, and a request on the TOGs Notice Board for the TOGs favourite songs confirmed their choices!

For the first album, a word with Sir Terry, and the promise of a song from him, and the project was up and running. Working only with determination and no idea of what producing an album is all about, she managed to persuade a top producer to produce the album, the good and the great from Radio 2 and some friends along the way to perform on the album, and some studios to give us some free time, or reduced rates in which to record
the album and then, as described by our marvellous producer the greatest masterer in Europe has mastered the album for us as well! I think it’s called persistence!

The second album followed and features some of the greatest musicians from the UK music Industry and again the guys and girls from Radio 2 came up with thye goods. This album was mainly produced under the auspices of A D Chivers, but our good friend Jon Kelly took up the challenge again to produce a wonderful Christmas Single for Sir Terry and Aled. A D put together a wonderful version of the Beatles classic "All You Need is Love" featuring a host of wonderful people, and if the You Tube viewings and comments are anything to go by, the end result was tremendous. The album and singles did not attract the amount of airplay we might have hoped for and in what was a tough year for the music industry, as well as the buying public,  the contribution to BBC Children in Need was nonetheless credible.

The BANDAGED albums contain a host great tracks, it is difficult to put any of them ahead of the others, as each is an individual element in a whole experience, they may be different, but the concept is the same. As Hellen has pointed out to the children in the choirs who have helped us, while giving each of them a gift of a Pudsey Bear to thank them, there is a serious message to go with it. Pudsey represents the work done by BBC
Children in Need, and she asked them all to remember, every time they look at their Pudsey, that it was
a thank you to them for using their talent to help a child have a better life!

That concept applies equally to all the people who have helped us in whatever way, they have put their particular talent to great use to help children in the UK have a better life! What better gift could they give.

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